Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sidebar Stalking

H called me a stalker recently. It made me a little sad, even if she was kidding.

The internet makes stalking easy. There are people whose blogs I read and at times I feel I have enough information about them to make their lives a living hell if I wanted to. But I don't. I love my internet friends, even if they don't know me.

I don't miss a thing that they reveal because I have their blogs loaded into my Google Reader. Goggle lets me know what's going on right away. One of my stalkees told me that using the reader was just plain lazy. There you go. I am too lazy to be a good stalker.

I can't stalk H anymore through her blog as she shut it down. She is still listed in the sidebar because I'm hoping she will come back.

Jeremy, who got me hooked on blogs in the first place, shut down his blog, too. He's collaborating with other professionals on a blog. While Jeremy pokes through once in a while, the blog is often technical to the point of being boring (for someone who is not so bright, like me). I still read it but it is not on the sidebar.

Today I added two of my "must reads". The first is "The Other Side of the Ocean". Nina is in France now and has been for a few weeks. When she is not working she is traveling somewhere, usually in Europe. She takes fabulous photos and she posts every day. It's enough to give you wanderlust.

The second is "Sociological Images". It's stuff that makes me think without hurting my stupid head too much. It's kind of like college without the classroom, tests or tuition. So thanks, Gwen, for the free education!


Gwen said...

I'm honored to be added!

goblinbox said...

You're not stupid. Don't make me slap you around, biznatch.

And we're all too lazy to really get up and stalk anyone. That shit takes effort, man!