Saturday, December 08, 2007

Gingerbread Through the Years

I told you I could get into the Christmas spirit. One of the ways I used to do that was to make gingerbread houses. I made my first one for my niece, Baby Mac, from a pattern printed in the paper and decorated with the only candy I could find in tiny Ktown.

The houses evolved through the years. I made my own house patterns and made a permanent base that I wired with a little light so the house could be lit up from the inside. I made other things, too, as you shall see.


House '83
Baby Mac with the 1983 edition

Mouse House '83
Also 1983. I made the mice and their house for Baby Mac

1984 - I broke away from the original pattern.

Here comes Santa Claus! 1985

nativity, 1985
Gingerbread Nativity, 1985

A whole farm! 1986

In the dog house
A dog in the dog house. 1986

Lit from within. 1987

Da Bears. 1987


Details, details
Detail, 1988

Cottages for sale
Cottages for sale, 1989


House 1, 1990
House #1, 1990

House #2, 1990
House #2, 1990

nativity, 1990
Nativity, 1990


No house was made in 1991 and I think 1992 was the end of the line. From the looks of things, taking a year off did not help my housebuilding skills. The 1992 versions sort of look like Norman Bates meets a 70's cartoon. Maybe I'll try one this year and we can see if a 15 year (FIFTEEN YEARS??? REALLY??) hiatus has destroyed whatever talent I may have once possessed.


H said...

I forgot how completely freaking awesome those were. I think the one with the water and the bridge is my favorite. Someday, I will need you to teach me!

pj said...

Take a week off, come on down and we can teach each other.

Gwen said...

Now you can buy the kits at the store where everything in pre-made and you just stick it together with frosting. Something about that really depresses me.

pj said...

They had kits back in those days, too. One thing about making your own from scratch is having warm gingerbread aromas wafting through the house. Plus your house doesn't look like everyone else's.

Idea #527 said...

Those are abosolutely amazing! The house with the mice was cute too. I had something like that when I was little too for these little mini cabbage patch kids.


PS If I can ever make it up on a weekend once the bad weather happens, can you teach me?!?

Hannita said...

The farm, 88 and 89 are my favorites. I'm so impressed. I've never made one either. (I had a g'bread house making party on my agenda this year but then the weather got bad and what would have been an already longish drive would have been horrible so I didn't go and I missed all the fun) Can't wait to see what you crank out this year. =)

pj said...

A-- like I told H, take a WEEK off and we'll have the gingerbread making class.

Hannita can come and we'll have the gingerbread party she missed.

I haven't even decided what to build this year. I am leaning towards what seems to be the favorite (89). But I think the bridge influenced the vote. Maybe I'll just build bridges!