Monday, December 10, 2007

Gingerbread Nativity

Last night I mixed up a batch of gingerbread. TodayI went through my gingerbread patterns. It was like getting lost in old photo albums as there were more than gingerbread patterns to look at. It was a long, wandering trip down memory lane.

Among the lot I found a lost gingerbread nativity picture in with the nativity patterns. On the envelope that contained the patterns was the note "86 weird stable -- never again". Evidently, I was unhappy with the original stable and made up my own. Which did suck, now that I see the photo. The next nativity had a completely different stable and I had no pattern for it nor notes on how I constructed it. I hate when I do that.

What got me into looking for the nativity in the first place was that someone landed on my site by doing an internet search for "gingerbread nativity". So I was going to be magnanimous and put my patterns and instructions in a downloadable PDF file. But then I got stumped by the stable dilemma. I wanted to present the best stable possible (stable #3 being the best, IMHO) but with no pattern I was lost.

So then I went off in a different direction. I need a compass.

Anyway, I present the 3 stables in a row. You be the stable judge. I want you to know these are not my designs (except for the stable variations). They came from a magazine, I believe. If they're your designs, tell me! I'll link to you and you can sell them!

Original stable. That is one sick looking sheep in front.

The "never again" stable. Sick looking sheep still in front.

Wonderful stable with sick looking sheep removed.


H said...

Personally, I'm a big fan of stable #1 if you could make it the same size as stable #3 and also add that little doghouse thing on the side.

pj said...

You know, I got to thinking that maybe that sick looking sheep was supposed to be a dog.

Oh! You're talking about the side lean-to that the donkey is in? Because I don't recall any dogs in any nativities that I've seen.

Hannita said...

#3 is quite nice.