Sunday, August 01, 2010

The End Of July

I managed to get some decent shots of one of my favorite insects. I can't get enough of nature's little helicopter.

Blue sky / dragon fly

Hairy belly -- who knew? (Besides Crab)

My friend, Hulles, is back in Iowa caring for his ailing mother. We got together Friday night. On my way out of the house Crab called to me, "Have fun on your date!" And I did.

Date night with Hulles

Crab mowed on Saturday while I was upstairs digging dust bunnies out. Warning to my future guests -- I'm sure I did not get them all. Please do not look for them. When I came down and sat at my desk I saw this stuck in the window.

Mowing day surprise


gucci said...
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Boston said...

Great dragonfly picture! How far were you when you snapped the pic? it's national geographic worthy = )