Friday, May 08, 2009

Sort Of Like Capistrano

On May 1 I saw my first barn swallow of the year. This morning I opened the shop door and a couple of swallows hovered near the door, wondering if they could get in and start building nests. (No.) When I finished phase one of my project, the doors got closed again. Poor little birdies would not have been able to get out again.

Mom was right about the orioles returning the first part of May. Yesterday as I stumbled to the kitchen for my second cup of coffee I noticed an oriole sitting on the seed feeder. I ran outside, hung the jelly feeder and plopped jelly in the cups. I came back in the house thinking I'd frightened the oriole and I wouldn't see him again for days. I looked out the window and he was sitting on the feeder eating jelly. He's been active today, too, but very camera shy.

Today was rose breasted grosbeak day. I've seen two of them! The goldfinches are thick and fighting over sunflower chips and thistle seed. There are more Harris' and white capped sparrows than the boring house sparrows. It's starting to get colorful!

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