Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lovely Veggies

It was sweet corn time this week and I went to my folks to get some corn to freeze. It was not a great year for corn with the sporadic rains not arriving at the best time. Still, I got plenty of corn to freeze.

Every year when I get corn my mom recalls my dad's mom at corn freezing time. Grandma would work away at shucking, silking, cutting and freezing corn and say, "What lovely corn!"

Before I left Mom asked if I wanted green beans. I told her I'd picked some up the day before at the farmer's market in Jeremy Freese's home town. She asked how the beans were and I said, "lovely".

farmer's market beans

"As lovely as these?" Mom asked as she showed me a 5 gallon bucket of huge green beans.

Mom's beans

So compare:

compare beans

I took some of Mom's beans and the day after I froze corn, I froze beans. Mom also cut a tomato off the vine for me to take home:

big assed tomato

I tipped the scales some holding the measuring tape. The tomato weighed just under 3 pounds. But it really was 18 ⅝ inches around.

One of these days I need to make a trip out to my own tomatoes and do something with them. I love the abundance of fresh vegetables. I get tired quickly of putting food by.


Hannita said...

I'm rather envious over the produce. That tomato is ginormous. It was probably tasty as well.

pj said...

The tomato was quite tasty, thank you. It's a German tomato. Very meaty and very sweet.

The beans were great, too. They look like over-grown-going-to-seed beans but were are just huge.

Gwen said...

Holy crap! That tomato is insane!

pj said...

Sorry, Gwen. I hope you don't have nightmares about it. I know how you feel about tomatoes.

pj said...

Ha ha. I see that are am bad with my self editing in my comments. (See comment about beans)

Captain Crab said...

Lyle really liked the tomatoe* picture!

*I still like e at the end of tomatoe

pj said...

Oh, you must have taken spelling with Dan Quayle, Mr. Potatoe.

Gwen said...

Actually, "tomatoes" is the generally-accepted spelling of the plural form, for whatever reason, so you're all good :)