Saturday, January 05, 2008


I wonder if the rest of the country felt the rush of air as thousands left Iowa Friday morning. What a loss for us. We will have to wait for another crappy president and for dozens of people fighting for the job before we have the same level of -- overkill. Every Pizza Ranch in Iowa is feeling the pain of declining revenue.

I got the township report from a friend last night. A whopping 16 showed up for the caucus. Where were they when Howard needed them?? Howard still sends me emails. I still love him and still think we should be voting him in for his second term - but whatever, people. You had your chance.

It was my friend's first caucus and she was excited and energized by it. She will be a delegate for John Edwards at the county convention, for what that's worth. In my experience, it's not worth much but I will let her ride that wave of excitement until she crashes on the beach of tedium at the convention. Live and learn.

I was pleasantly surprised (bowled over) by Obama's victory. Bully for him! I didn't think the people of Iowa had it in them. It was especially sweet since the newspaper that Iowa supposedly depends on endorsed Hillary. And every television channel had me convinced that she would win.

My township gets to send 3 delegates to the convention. They are evenly split. One each for Obama, Clinton and Edwards. Who'd a thunk it? You know I didn't.

In other caucus news, my mother called me today. My brother brought her a Des Moines Register he got in Boone yesterday. (On his birthday -- Happy Birthday, Little Brother! This is your card! Too bad you don't have a computer!) She asked if I got the paper. Well, yes and no. I get the Register, but not the one people in Des Moines read. They read a big fat newspaper. The paper they get in Boone is somewhat bit and fat, and the farther north you go in Iowa, the thinner the reading. I get very thin reading.

Mom was so excited because there was a photo of her best friend attending the caucus in Waukee. I searched (slowly on dial-up) and finally found it. And here it is.

Mom's best friend attending the caucus
Mom's best friend

My mother's best friend is a Republican. Mom says it is her best friend's only fault.

I also found this picture. And I found it disturbing.

Every caption I thought of is scandalous and possibly slanderous.


goblinbox said...

Every Pizza Ranch in Iowa... LOL!

pj said...

The only reason you are LOL is because you KNOW what I'm talking about.

BTW, how's the weather on the left coast? Be glad you're not in your old stomping ground.

Is it spring yet??????