Thursday, June 21, 2007

As the Ankle Turns
24 hours later

It appears that my ankle is swollen. On the advice of former Air Force Medic Captain Crab, I spent much of the day with my leg elevated. Occasionally, I applied ice packs.

I guess there was blood from the scrape, but it was not gushing blood so I dismissed it. Blood must gush to count.

I don't know what is with that weird blister, though. At first I thought it was a bulging vein ready to give birth to a blood clot that would worm its way to my heart or brain and kill me as snapped photos of Crater Days getting flooded out again. But it's just a weird blister.

I can walk so I know the ankle isn't broken. But can I stand on it for hours on end? No way. I don't know if I can even drive.

I have been reading an Augusten Burroughs book today to pass the leg elevation time. I would tell you which one but I'd have to hobble across the room to look at the title. Or Google it. But I'm too lazy to do either.

Is it normal for pain to make you tired? I'm tired and the most exercise I've done today is strap on ice packs.

I can't wait for this to turn purple and green. And for it to stop hurting.


H said...

That is one of the most effing disgusting things I have ever seen. It's way grosser than when I cut my leg open at Michelle's wedding. Ew, ew, ew.

pj said...

I beg to differ. I was seaching through pics today and saw your bloody leg again on my computer. I almost made a post out of it because it was so disgusting.

And thank you for the sympathy on my pain.

And just wait til it turns purple and green.

And be glad the injury is not on my fat, dimpled ass.

a said...

Okay. . . seeing as I am a quasi Dr. . . and was a trained Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist. . . I cannot for the life of me guess how you got the blister! It's like the brick rubbed hard on it as it fell. Or something on it punctured you as you fell. Good job with the ice on and off and elevation! You should probably also sleep with your leg elevated. I would also recommend while it's elevated and icing moving your foot up,down,and in a circular motion so your ligaments and tendons don't get stiff. They are probably the ones that received the trama seeing as you said your ankle is okay and you can walk. Stretching them will keep them loose.