Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Incredible Mind Suck

I have a friend who is friend by default. We are both in the same program at the same community college where we both have been jerked around for years.

She is a giant hole where everything gets sucked in and swirled around and spit out in constant mindless chatter about herself.

Everything reminds her of a story (about herself) that takes so long to tell you forgot what the subject was in the first place. Since we've been together for years, I've heard them all. In all their slow. Moving. Detail.

I had a so bad horrible shitty day yesterday that started at 7:30 a.m. with the IMS sucking away my pre-school quiet time by standing outside my car yakking away. My quiet time! Sucked away!

Later she sucked away my study time by yakking, "I don't bother to study because I won't remember it I hope she has more than 20 questions on the test because blah, blah, blah". Study time, sucked away!

I told her to shut the fuck up because I WAS TRYING TO STUDY but it was too late. She had bored holes in my brain and everything drained right back out. I didn't do so hot on the test and it pissed me off.

I have great days at school when IMS is not there, which is often, but then again, not often enough for me. She is constantly sick. Or her car is broken down again. Or some other earth shaking tragedy has struck, like her kid has the runs.

At least I am smart enough now (duh, don't ask me how long it took me to learn) not to answer her phone calls. She sucks away phone minutes. Just retrieving and deleting her voice mails is an enormous suck. Minutes! Sucked away!

The sucking that had gone on all day just intensified into this great crescendo that included me going into Wal Mart later for the first time in a year. Wal Mart! Sucks!

I got home to a husband who was deathly ill (he has a cold) and who needed me to run an errand for him right then because there was no way he could possibly do it himself in his condition. (He occasionally has to blow his nose.) Rest of the day! Sucked!

Short version: yesterday sucked due to an emotional vampire, a trip to WalMart and a husband at death's door .


H said...

Remember the last time you made fun of Daddy for being "on death's door" and he really WAS on death's door and spent thirteen days in the hospital dying of pneumonia?

Okay, just checking.

Just do what I do with irritating people and ignore them entirely. If she says something to you, don't say anything back. It's how I survived what I refer to as "The Sara Blowers Years."

pj said...

Believe me, I thought of the pneumonia and don't take it lightly. I will post on his doctor and my constant calls to him during that dying period some day. It will be along the lines of "Medical Incompetence" or "Doctors So Sick of Hearing About the Flu They Just Don't Give a Shit Anymore". Oh - now I don't have to post it!

This time he has a COLD. Sniffles. A little congestion.

Re IMS: I tune her out when I can but it is like trying to ignore a train when you are stuck on the tracks. Woooo, Wooo! CRASH!