Sunday, October 17, 2010

Labor Pains

My camera worked on Labor Day. I got some nice pictures. The next time I picked it up everything I snapped looked like this:

Nice lines and color!

That's Molly, the little firecracker I rescued from a stupid, stupid woman who was giving all of her flea-bitten, wormy cats and kittens to the shelter if no one took them. My neighbor took 2 kittens, too, so Molly has siblings just down the road.

I guess I don't have much room to talk, stupid wise. I was on duty when Hey Bob escaped. I still dream about her and want her back even though that would exceed my 2 cat limit.

It has taken Skittles a little longer to warm up to Molly than it did Hey Bob. Maybe because Molly is such a fearless feline. She does not know when to quit and gets in moods where she decides the dog's tail is the ONLY toy worth playing with even though the dog snaps at her.

RAWR! I hate that kitten!

Oh, yeah. I got a new camera, too. I am still trying to figure out its nuances and I wish I were as steady as a tripod but it's a big improvement over lined, magenta tinged images.

Cat fight!

Testing the zoom on my lens. I took these from the same spot.

Wide angle

At the end of the optical zoom

Digital zoom

Testing the macro:


Jetsam and flotsam from this morning's walk:













Kate said...

Corn number two pic and the robin (the water droplets! Splendid!) are my favorites. And the only way Dax survived his entry into my one cat home is that he kept coming back for more when Kiki spanked him. She finally gave up and let him stay.

Hannita said...

New Cat! New Camera! Both very exciting. I keep thinking "today's the day for the new cat" but then something else comes up.
Love the pictures from your walk.

James Alone said...

beautiful look!
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