Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bob's Back

Hey Bob is home, as in "in the house". Snotty Pants is outside again, on the concrete stoop that faces west, rolling in the rays of sunset.

Did I tell you that it was a BEAUTIFUL DAY?? I want to live in a place where the weather is like this all of the time. My BFF tells me that place is San Diego.

Now an update on my update: All creatures great, small, old and fat, are in the house. Now if only someone would cook supper for this great, old, fat creature.


Hannita said...

I've been having toilet issues - as in the chain keeps coming undone - and finally gave up on fixing it myself and finally called the building super. Well, I came home early Monday and wrangled cats to keep Leo from eating said super. But when the toilet wouldn't flush Tuesday morning I just told him to go in there but be careful of the cats. When I got home Tuesday night Leo wasn't circling my ankles like he normally does when I get home. And I had a few minutes of panic until he finally appeared from wherever he was hiding. All of that to say, it's good to have the animals where they belong. Glad Bob is OK.

louis said...
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