Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's About Time

It's about time. Time that has passed. Time in which I haven't posted. So now I am playing catch up. Maybe the title should have been Heinz.

Get it? Catch up? Ketchup? I think I am channeling Hulles, whose warped sense of humor can take a metaphor and wring it like a farm wife on the first step of preparing a chicken dinner. Let's get back on track now...

On March 18 we still had tons of snow to melt.

The Snow on March 18

Goblinbox was posting pictures of flowers in bloom in Walla Walla, Washington while we were waiting for the other shoe (blizzard) to fall. As late as April 4th (Easter), there was still snow lingering in ditches, fencerows and groves. H, coming home from what we presume to be the frozen tundra of Minnesota could not believe how much snow was in Iowa.

Oh, Spring! I welcomed it with open arms. Winter was brutal. We lived buried in snow for months on end. But Spring is finally here! I love it and want to live with it forever!

Sweet, Sweet Baby Iris

In between the snow melt and spring's arrival I waited for action at the bird feeder. There was a very squirrelly squirrel. Do squirrels molt? This one did. Crab thought I was seeing things but here's the evidence.

Molting Rodent

On the cat front: Skittles loves to sit in my lap and chew on stuff I'm wearing. Her favorite is my gold necklace (a gift from Crab for my 40th birthday). Sometimes, though, the necklace is hidden under layers of clothing. If Skittles is lucky, I will wear something with buttons. She tries her best to chew the buttons off my clothing. I find this very strange.

Button Eater

Last Saturday I went to a baby shower. I hate baby showers, wedding showers and all showers that do not require you to get wet, lather and rinse. I went and survived all the sugar that was fed to the guests. I am surprised the guests who ate from the sugar buffet did not bounce off the walls and punch holes in them. I went because I just had to see for myself it the honored infant was as cute in real life. He was.

Cute Baby

And now, just for K8, updates on Hey Bob:

  • He can be a total terror
  • He can be very sweet
  • He is probably a she
  • It will still be Hey Bob regardless of its (future neutered) gender

Hey Bob


Kate said...

He's so sweet looking, but he's got a wicked glare in his eye. I can just SEE it! Waahooo! Mischievious kitties!

And the day I realized that the snow was gone, I think I might have cried just a little bit. This winter was especially hard on everyone, I think. It just about killed my soul.

My garden is going in this weekend though. Do you hear that, winter? My garden. You will NOT win.

Gwen said...

I used to have a cat named Yay Bob. I never expected to see another cat with a similar name. S/he is beautiful, though.

Hannita said...

Hey Bob is still just a kitten. Give him a year or ten. I'm glad winter is over too. I feel you on the showers. I go just so that I can give the best gifts. ;)

pj said...

Kate -- I was in such a winter funk that I did not believe it would EVER leave. Kind of like Captain Crab.

The kitten is very naughty. He likes to get up on things and knock stuff down. He is especially fond of knocking down office supplies and remote controls.

Hannita -- I know you give the best gifts. It would have to be some one very, very close to me for me to attempt a hand crafted masterpiece.

I take the lazy way out and give a gift card. I am so out of the baby loop that I don't even know what half the stuff is that they make for babies now. And I can't believe how much STUFF is considered indispensable to take care of an infant / toddler. No wonder houses in this country are now mcmansions.