Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Speechless - You Wish

This little headline caught my attention:

Fines proposed for going without health insurance

Yes, by all means, require all Americans to feed the feed coffers of the insurance companies or suffer the consequences. Don't those idiots in Congress get it? SOME PEOPLE CANNOT AFFORD HEALTH INSURANCE. And any insurance they could buy would do them no good if they so much as stubbed a toe. (Bill: $500 they do not have against their $5000 deductible.)

While Congress is at it they might as well require everyone to buy a Ford and really help out the economy. Hey -- why not require everyone to shop at Walmart so the Wally World shareholders can keep raking in the dough while denying to insure most of their workers?

I may volunteer for the death panel. Please let my President lead.


goblinbox said...

I tend to keep my head under a rock, but lately I've been noticing - totally against my will - that there are some people out there who TOTALLY FUCKING HATE OBAMA.

Is it really as simple as racism? I mean, did this same group ever freak out THIS hard about other democrats?

Frankly, it's weirding me right out.

Hannita said...

Yeah, I just don't get that either. It's a scary thing to go without health insurance - I was without it for about two years a few years ago, just hoping that I wasn't going to get sick or get a cavity. I would gladly wave adios to half of my paycheck (as opposed to about the third that gets lopped off before I see it) if it meant that we would have national healthcare. Gladly.