Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stay Off My Road!

What would you do if you were driving down the road and met a car in the other lane stopped half on the shoulder with a woman inside obviously screaming and alternately waving her arms, pointing at the road and pulling at her hair?

If you were the asshole in the white service truck, you would keep on going at a break-neck speed and aim for the kittens in the road.

I was on my way home from my weekly supply run to the big town, traveling down the county hardtop when I noticed tiny creatures trying to cross the road ahead. I slowed down and was dismayed to see that it was five kittens. My first thought was to gather them up and take them home. There's nothing I love more than a kitty! Five kitties = five times the fun!

I slowed way down and the kittens puddled in the middle of the road. I crept closer and they pooled on the pavement in the left lane. So I pulled up and off the road a little with the intention of getting out of the car and shooing the poor things completely off the road.

That's when I saw Major Asshole heading for them and went through the histrionics trying to get him to SEE THE KITTENS ON THE ROAD!! SEE--LADY IN DISTRESS--POINTING--AT THE KITTENS IN THE ROAD??!!

He clipped one -- the others mercifully ran back across my lane and into the ditch. In my rear view mirror then I saw mama kitty on the opposite shoulder and the clipped kitty trying lamely to reach her.

My next step was to put the car in park, gather the brood and reunite them all, hoping the clipped kitty only had superficial wounds. But the oncoming traffic kept coming and coming and coming. Each and every one of them on some ridiculous mission requiring no attention and tremendous velocity.

I went home in tears.

Stay off of my road, please.


Gwen said...

I had the same thing happen once with a line of ducklings. I was horrified. It was a guy in an old muscle car, and I'm still convinced he actually sped up when he saw what was going on.

Idea #527 said...

That is sooo sad! And to have witnessed it!!!!

Hannita said...


pj said...

My heart still aches!