Sunday, July 06, 2008

Busy With Stuff

I have been busy. I spin my wheels a lot. Sometimes I get somewhere, most times I don't.

Last weekend I was busy with taking pictures of a small town celebration for their website. After 2 days I had hundreds of photos that I had to sort through, optimize, build slide shows for and add to the website. The highlight of the two days was talking to these guys about Mush, who used to sing with the band before she moved back home to the left coast.

Jefferson County Green Band / Message for Mush

On Monday when I was still up to my elbows in trying to make crappy photos web worthy, I got a call that there was going to be an impromptu birthday gathering for my mom's birthday. I had to go and eat my favorite pizza.


My mother has always had a garden. When they moved to the place they live now, she started having a really large garden. I tell her every year when she tries to give me food that I do not need that she should sell her stuff at the farmer's market. Oh, she couldn't charge people for food! She said that this year's garden was the best ever, though I have never, ever noticed a lack of produce or produce of sub-par quality. So before I went home to get back to work, I drove out to visit her "best garden ever".

Most things at Mom's start out in her little green house. Right now there are just giant tomato plants in there.

Tomatoes in the green house

Mom knows I love petunias. Last fall she harvested petunia seeds from a planter in town and this spring, started the little seeds in her green house. She gave me dozens of pretty petunias which are planted around my farm (getting lost in weeds now). She still has a few plants left.


The sweet corn patch is smaller this year. I think my dad finally realized he did not need acres of sweet corn to fill his freezer. Part of the patch has rye in it this year as a cover crop. Dad wishes he had a little combine to harvest the rye instead of plowing it under.

sweet corn
Sweet Corn



On the other side of the house is the actual garden. I will let you stroll through it with this comment -- yes, celery. My mother is the only person I know who grows celery. This tastes nothing like the stuff in the store, this has flavor.






sweet potatoes
NOT yams, sweet potatoes




Don't you wish you could munch your way through Mom's garden?


Gwen said...

Oh, I'm so hungry now! And don't sweet potatoes have pretty leaves? Cute little heart shapes.

That's, um, a LOT of celery.

Idea #527 said...

I LOVE your mom's garden! LOVE IT. I love visiting and she makes me take things home. Now that my Grams is gone and Gramps isn't getting along too well, I don't have a gardener to give me delicious vegetables! Your mom is also growing my gramps onions this year. She's the best I tell you! The BEST!

Oh and I too used to have your favorite pizza as my favorite pizza and well. . . there's a place here in town that makes even better pizza. My Dad agrees too! But I'm still jealous you got to eat it! :)


goblinbox said...

How do they keep the damn weeds down? That doesn't look anything like MY gardens did: they were 5 feet tall with weeds.

Hannita said...

I want a garden. Heck, I'd settle for a porch.