Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mmmmmmm..... Hamburger

I had my first follow up leg hole appointment last Wednesday. The nurses, and eventually the doctor, were very excited to see granulation tissue. The doctor told me the goal was to have the whole wound look like raw hamburger. And not that turkey hamburger,either. Here is a picture of my leg with granulation tissue before that appointment. Not for the squeamish and don't you dare email me about the grossness of it because THIS IS YOUR WARNING. I'm not the damn government. I can't protect you from yourself.

I had another appointment today but I did not want to go. Rain was threatening and we've just had enough of the stuff. We've had so much that you can not be sure that the road you want to drive on is drivable. For a couple of days it was impossible for me to go anywhere in my little car.

Flooded rural road

The storm approached and I left early so I could stock up on groceries before my appointment. The roads were fine and I made it to Big Town. But then I had to cross the swollen river. On the bridge that has the same flaws as the fallen Minneapolis bridge. Gulp.

I made it to the grocery store on the other side of town. When I came out with my cart full the skies were dark and lightning was striking. I just wanted to go home. Somehow I didn't die of a heart attack while screaming at the idiot drivers and the slow changing lights. I had to get out of the low part of town FAST.

I had to cross the possibly crumbling bridge again. At last I made it to the outpatient center at the back of the hospital. I was early so I sat and considered getting while the getting was good.

We're all gonna die!

There were turkey buzzards drifting above the hospital but I didn't catch them in the frame. I thought they were a sign telling me to leave, leave, leave! But I toughed it out. Well, sort of. I went to my appointment and was left waiting a lot and I was constantly on the verge of screaming "I HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!"

The doctor and my treatment deserves its own post. Suffice to say, I am still alive, I still have a hole in my leg and the treatment goes on and on and on. Excuse me now. I have to obsess over the weather radar.


Idea #527 said...

Okay, I just looked back at the old picture and the hole doesn't seem to be closing up. I don't really see that big of a difference. Are you sure you're healing???


Hannita said...

Hole is looking good. =) Well, better. =\

That weather was craaaaazy. I had leaking in my top floor apartment so I stuck a bowl under the biggest drip in my living room. Then I discovered a wet patch on my bed later. That's never fun. But I do enjoy watching fronts roll in. It's always exciting.

pj said...

Wild weather is always more fun when it's happening to someone else. I like watching tornadoes -- on TV.

Lisa said...

Hi, would you mind if I used your wound photos for an education package I'm developing for nurses in my region? Its a great example of granulation tissue. Thanks for posting it.

Please let me know if its OK with you to use it.

pj said...

Please feel free to use the photos for educational purposes! I've been surprised at how many people in the health field have looked at my leg.

megs said...


I am a Nurse at the Women's and Children's Hospital Adelaide, Australia.

We would be interested in using the picture of your wound as an example of granulation. It would be included in our nursing and midwifery wound management clincial standard.

Would it be ok for us to this?



pj said...

Please do!

pj said...

Megs - Please do!